Goût de France at Citronelle! 19-21 of March 2016!

More than 1,000 Chefs on 5 continents, in 150 countries in one day take part in the global action "Taste of France" (Gout de France), aimed at popularizing French cuisine. On the 19-th of March at 19:00 we invite you for an elegant dinner with 6 courses that represent French cuisine! Chef will offer "Provencal" roll with tomato sauce; scallops with truffle mousse and green celery velute; rabbit confit terrine with apples, toasted pistachios and vinaigrette sauce; sea ​​bass stuffed with ratatouille sauce bisque or for meat lovers - roasted guinea fowl with spelled risotto, grapes and chocolate and grapefruit sauce. For dessert we offer "Saint Honore" with lemon and vanilla cream. A bottle of provence wine as a present, ordering two sets!!!! You are looked forward to a nice French festival with live music and a feast! Please reserve seats in advance by phone. 067 21714 20. Bon Appetit!

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19th of December at 12:00 - "Gingerbread house handmade" master-class!

When we say that we can make gingerbread houses, most kids often exclaim in admiration, "Wow!". Just the phrase "Gingerbread House" is of interest and sparkle in the children's and adult's eyes. On the 19th of December at 12:00 at St. Nicholas Day, we'll teach children to do the magic and amazing gingerbread houses. This house you can present to friends or relatives, or leave as a souvenir.

Gingerbread blank, decor, confectionary, sugar and caramel colors, and all your good mood and good thoughts about those who you want to give your product - and you get the magical confectionary masterpiece, which you did yourself !!!!!
Also, we will hear interesting tales and eat an orange flavored cake. And those who'll tell the most interesting story of gingerbread or gingerbread house - get a prize from the St. Nicholas !!!!
The master class costs 400 UAH.
Order tickets by phone: 067 217 14 20
We welcome young wizards!!!!!